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There are five "common" isotopes of plutonium, Pu-238, Pu-239, Pu-240, Pu-241, and Pu-242. No, Sator has to stay alive. Each part would come with funding in the form of gold bars which provided the incentive and means to seek out the next part, with the final part piece being the plutonium-241 we see in the Kiev Opera House. Along the way, Protagonist learns that Sator has been hiding secret time-inversion machines called turnstiles at freeports around the world. Ives understood these concepts well. Again, the film is one big loop, starting and ending on the 14th. Reading across either rows or columns, we see: Nolan’s muffled sound mixing has received lots of criticism. Edit Pick up the algorithm at the Freeport"). Nevertheless, the film makes a lot more sense on a second viewing. He got the team. As we later discover, what happens is Mr. Blue Team Neil takes a bullet while Mr. Red Team Neil ropes them out of there in the last moment. This Sator (let’s call him Sator-2) thinks that Kat (let’s call her Kat-2) is dead, after he shot her with the inverted bullet at his turnstile. Their world was doomed anyway, so they may as well risk destroying it in order to save it. One of these pieces is the plutonium-241 from the car chase, which The Protagonist realises Priya wittingly told him to steal, knowing he would fail and it would only end up in Sator's hands. A little help is appreciated. Neil plays a crucial role in all of this by saving the Protagonist’s life at three points in the film: In fact, he sacrifices himself in the hypocentre at the end — taking a bullet in the head for the Protagonist. Sator uses this turnstile to employ his temporal pincer on the highway in order to rob Protagonist of the final piece of the Algorithm. The Saab is the vehicle that TP and Neil see that un-crashes and travels backwards as they spot Sator in the backwards Audi with Kat. The proportion of 242 Pu is low at low burnup but increases nonlinearly. He meets Kat (Elizabeth Debicki), Sator’s estranged wife, who is barred from seeing her son for selling Andrei a forged Goya drawing. Within the film, we see many instances of inverted people along with inverted objects. Tenet is available to buy now DVD, Blu-ray, 4K Ultra HD and on digital from Prime Video, iTunes and other video-on-demand services. The simple harmonic motion thus remains permanently in a fixed position in the dimension of motion, as seen in the context of a stationary reference system; that is, it is an oscillatory, or vibratory, motion. On the same day as the Opera assault, a massive explosion occurs at the Soviet closed-city of Stalask-12. ("It's in the back of the Saab... Make sure he's dead.. But that would make for a boring movie! Oslo Freeport. The film ended with her termination at the hands of young-Protagonist… again, all part of future-Protagonist’s grand plan. While Kat stalls for time, Tenet assaults the closed Soviet city in an epic 10-minute temporal pincer attack and retrieves the device. Nolan has high expectations for both his audience and the theatre in which his films are seen by his audience. Continuity mistake: Just after the Protagonist has obtained the case containing the Plutonium-241 and is back in the car with Neil, he opens the case and his right hand is shown placed on top of it. At Stalask-12, he’s informed by Blue Team that he and Protagonist will be the ‘splinter unit’ on Red Team who will infiltrate the tunnel into the hypocentre. The Protagonist is trying to get Plutonium for Sator in exchange for Kat's freedom. There are four turnstiles seen in the film: Turnstiles and inversion are crucial for temporal pincer movements. Plutonium-241. The name of the film is a palindrome: the word "argument" ("tenet") is read equally from left to right and from right to left. Sounds a bit like Inception! it has to be before the inverted TP gets to Saab , only then inverted Andre can have it right ? In this context, the film can be thought of as telling the story of the struggle for the final part of the Algorithm. THE IRAQ WAR AND INTERNATIONAL LAW. This was simply Sator who sent ammunition through his various turnstiles (mostly hidden at freeports around the world) for his inverted henchmen to use on temporal pincer missions. Sator simply has to intercept the algorithm piece after the whole highway chase, which is when the Saab with the inverted TP and the algorithm piece has gone backwards all the way to the freeport (from the perspective of normal forwards time). this is exactly what I was thinking , thanks for the explanation. The! The Protagonist offers to help Sator retrieve a case he says contains Plutonium-241. This is shown at the end of the film. The Protagonist gets busy on around Week 3. What happens is that TP throws an empty orange case to Sator in his inverted Audi. Off screen it’s assumed one of his goons picks it up from the parked Saab (before/after inverted protagonist gets in to drive). Epic! Think of this as the mother of all temporal pincers — the grand plan devised by Tenet’s head honcho. Tenet is a science fiction action film directed by Christopher Nolan and released in 2020. Here is my question/confusion, when did he handed it to Sator ? Building on many years of research and development, Plutonium delivers a solid and refreshing gaming experience like none other. In fact, much of the film and its lore can be regarded as perennial battles between competing temporal pincers: those employed by a Sator desperate to assemble the Algorithm, versus those employed by a determined Tenet destined to stop him. Through the use of a deadman’s switch, his death will activate the assembled Algorithm at Stalask-12. An obscure tenet. The different isotopes have different “half-lives” – the time it takes to lose half of its radioactivity. Except — as Neil alludes in the freight back to Oslo — this act would cause an infinite chicken-and-egg dilemma known as the grandfather paradox. However, the "plutonium" is actually another artifact of the Algorithm and Sator eventually seizes it by listening to his henchman precisely describing the operation as it happens and "then" applying this information to out-smart Tenet using time-inversion. That’s one long-ass temporal pincer. Therefore Sator will always assemble the Algorithm; Tenet will always retrieve it, and Neil will always die. Press J to jump to the feed. It moving to Tallinn in a week. Warning: This article contains massive spoilers. (01:18:09) Casual Person Plutonium-241 (241 Pu, Pu-241) is an isotope of plutonium formed when plutonium-240 captures a neutron. When he inverts to save Kat, he checks the Saab, but doesn't seem to find the algorithm. Ukrainian security services. However, as that version of him, together with the car, is inverted, this Saab travels backwards all the way back to the starting point at the freeport as we move forward in time. It’s a paradox with no answer, as Neil explains. He then drives off to the highway chase, and it turns out that the algorithm piece was indeed in the Saab parked at the freeport before he got in. Instead, Sator fails and is forced to take a two month-detour with Tenet trailing his ass, with events ultimately ending back on the 14th at Stalask-12, where this time around, he does have the Algorithm ready and is preparing to activate it. Here, the first and last T would represent the Opera, Stalask-12 and Vietnam, which all occur on the 14th, and N is the highway. At the Oslo turnstile, he fights a future version of himself. Neil (who is secretly from the future) uses the word on Protagonist, and the Protagonist himself uses it on Kat when she asks how he could possibly save her from yet-to-happen threats. Protagonist thinks Sator wants it … [spoiler alert] Towards the end of the Highway heist scene, the inverted Sator hits the car of the inverted protagonist. As part of the science of the film, both forward and inverted self should enter the machine simultaneously. ThE aLgOrItHm! The Protagonist tries to dupe Sator by stealing the plutonium for himself, but gets duped himself. During the forward journey, Sator and Te n et (Protagonist, Neil, Ives and team) compete to get their hands on an elusive case of plutonium-241. There is an element of pretentiousness, but those who cave in to his expectations are rewarded with an experience unlike other directors. He got the team. Algorithm! Turnstiles are machines that allow one to invert their entropy and reverse the flow of time. Finally, the word posterity is mentioned by key characters several times throughout the film. This is a film where almost every piece of dialogue matters — both muffled and not so muffled. On Interstellar, Nolan remarked, “There are particular moments in [“Interstellar”] where I decided to use dialogue as a sound effect, so sometimes it’s mixed slightly underneath the other sound effects or in the other sound effects to emphasize how loud the surrounding noise is.”, Richard King — who has worked with Nolan for 7 films, including Tenet — said, “He wants to grab the audience by the lapels and pull them toward the screen, and not allow the watching of his films to be a passive experience.”. Priya: No, no, no, no. Sator uses this turnstile to execute his own temporal pincer at the battle of Stalask-12. Sator actually wants it in order to fully assemble the Algorithm, a doomsday device with the power to reverse entropy on a global scale. As we find out at the end of the film, future-Protagonist is the real mastermind behind Tenet and a master manipulator. Nolan remarked in a 2017 interview that his team decided, “a couple of films ago that [they] weren’t going to mix films for substandard theatres.”.

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