ping g410 sft vs lst

It’s a mindset that all but guarantees that a new PING product will outperform what came before it. Knobs are the fine tuning dials. I would love to try it. Again, PING was able to engineer a more robust and admittedly more competitive hosel without increasing the weight of the adapter, increasing the structure necessary to support it, and without incurring any aerodynamic penalties. The heads are slightly larger to drive up the MOI, and lofts are 1.5° higher to promote easier launch. The LST is a great option for fitters to have because it can be used to reduce spin or maintain spin while boosting launch angle. Learn how your comment data is processed. The G410 range features fairway woods, hybrids and irons to accompany the three drivers – the G410 Plus, the G410 SFT and the G410 LST. The crown of the club is also equipped with Turbulator Technology, a feature that carries over from the G400 series. My aerodynamics is rusty so I’m not sure how to calculate the effect with this design. The ping g400 max game improvement driver yet. The company will again offer two proprietary shafts (PING Alta CB and PING Tour) along with a couple of 3rd party offerings to round out the lineup. Be it the G400 or the 400 Max. We now have a G410 plus and a draw-biased G410 SFT. Ping G 400, LST, SFT Driver Review ©Ping Golf The new Ping G400 driver is that kind of piece of golf gear that will go straight into your bag, as it delivers incredible forgiveness and feels awesome, boasting quite a few technological improvements compared to the previous generation. That alone is worth the $500!”. Anyways, I think Ping has their reasons for doing it this way. The only Ping I’ve ever owned was a putter. However, this year s g410 launch only includes an lst fairway wood, which replaces. Ping have worked hard on improving the adjustability of their drivers and that is the biggest change in the G410 range, which are the first to sport moveable weights. My M1 head cracked on the crown so I am in the market to try and Buy. Dear families ping g410 plus. Ping announce the expansion of its g410 driver family with the release of the g410 lst, a high-moi driver engineered to produce low, stable spin with the shot-shaping control provided by the company s innovative movable-weight technology. The three fixed positions design features a 16-gram weight capable of shifting the center of gravity 2.5mm towards the heel or toe while providing up to 10-yards of shot shape correction. Four high-performance shaft change as large as well. The new ping g410 lst driver is designed to reduce spin. I went back to Dick’s and they then told me that Ping told them That I had to ship it to them. I have gamed the G410 Plus now for a few months and I have to say, it’s the best driver for me out of all the 2019 offerings. But when I hit the center on a good swing, I expect a specific ball flight. I have tried quite a few driver’s and I always stay with the PING for the forgiveness factor, more in the fairway. The moveable back weight is a great feature BUT there are only 3 FIXED positions. PING G410 LST. Moral of the story buy from a local dealer. As one of my R&D friends likes to say, “it’s called center of gravity for a reason”. ), it was a wise move to improve to a more robust and seemingly more adjustable one for the drivers. Therefore it is not even considered a worthy option for ALL golfers… just most! The ping g400 max and a portion of the ping tour. A movable high-density tungsten back weight shifts the CG location in each direction from neutral to influence right or left shot direction. The LST is the best driver that has ever been manufactured by anyone.’ At least not yet. The g410 sft driver resists unwanted fade trajectories while still including the newest updates found in the g410 plus. The G410 Plus Driver is available in lofts of 9°, 10.5°, and 12°. Gosto também do som e do aspecto. g410 sft In the SFT model, more heel-side weighting and a lighter swing weight help square the face to create right-to-left shot bend (RH golfers). I finally bought a used Ping shaft on Ebay which solved the problem. All that being said, I really like the look of it. Beginners usually don’t jump right out of the gate with a $2500 bag of clubs, so the argument that cost is driving down the number of new players doesn’t hold water. PING G410 SFT Technology Flugbahn Tuning Chart Das Trajectory Tuning 2.0 der G410 Driver verwendet ein neues leichtes, aerodynamisches Hosel Sleeve, das acht Einstellungen für die Anpassung der Flugbahn anhand von Loft- (±1.5°) und Lie-Anpassungen bietet, einschließlich bis … The g410 plus driver is available in lofts of 9, 10.5, and 12. In fact, there’s a form on their website to fill out and send in with your repair. I even asked Ping to send me a 9* head that was really close to 8* so I can deloft it even further, but they wouldn’t. It’s an odd thing to dedicate a section to new headcover, but PING has an interesting story behind its new heavier head cover. The shaft lineup provides PING with a broader span of obtainable trajectories for increased fitting versatility – more knobs, if you will. I don’t live anywhere near Global Golf so Ping told me that Dick’s Sporting Goods could ship it back to them for me. In addition to his editorial responsibilities, he was instrumental in developing MyGolfSpy's data-driven testing methodologies and continues to sift through our data to find the insights that can help improve your game. How to check USB OTG support for your Android phone? The G410 is available in two models, the SFT and the Plus. Though its features are impressive, the cost of toners is a concern. Ping g410 sft driver - the new g410 drivers deliver the highest moi and ball speeds available in a ping driver. MyGolfSpy, Inc. All Rights Reserved. I was fitted into the Ping G400 SFT last summer and used it out on the course at the back end of the 2017 season. A movable high-density tungsten back weight shifts the cg location in each direction from neutral to influence right or left shot direction. As with other recent models, the face is textured to cut spin. In that respect, the 2019 G410 Plus Driver won’t catapult PING beyond its competitors in the shiny things that move category, but perceptually, it should help draw the company level while advancing driver performance beyond that of the G400. The 16-gram piece of tungsten can be placed in three different positions in the back of the sole to create a draw or fade bias, or put in the center of the head in a neutral setting. PING G410 LST Technology Low-Spin Design. The fixed weight design places appreciably more mass in the heel. Significant advancements in custom fitting while increasing both forgiveness and ball speed highlight the g410 plus and sft drivers. How about two half weights, or 3 x 1/3 weights..That would give you more settings. Ping gets it right every single time and I have no reason to doubt them on this one. Mark crossfield dan hendriksen. beam me up scotty! In leaf blower testing, PING’s new headcover design was shown not to blow away at speeds equivalent to 30 MPH winds. Review: The PING G400/LST/SFT/MAX driver, which earned gold medal honors on the 2018 Golf Digest Hot List. führt. “The 400 LST, it turns out, was really good.”, says Paul Wood, PING’s VP of Engineering, Paul Wood, “and being blunt, it was hard to beat.”. Copyright 2020. PING believes that it has told the Dragonfly performance story as much as it needs to visually, so it makes sense to tone down the appearance for those who may find it off-putting. Ping G400 SFT vs Ping G400 Max – The methodology. The compact look at abu dhabi golf located in each direction. Ping g400 fairway and hybrid review, golf monthly. With the launch of the new ping g410 plus and g410 sft drivers ping is introducing their movable-weight technology solution. Above you shouldn't chase high launch conditions. Ping G410 SFT Driver: Key Features. Discussion ping g410 and g410 lst users, what shaft are you using? For several generations of g series drivers the tfc and the tour shaft were stock options great shafts but who makes those for ping, another oem or is that actual ping r&d branded shaft? Now 45 years later if you own a Ping driver it goes Cha – Cha – Ching $540 for a driver with a weight that goes side to side now Ping is like the other guys because they can’t make a driver any better than it is already are { low MOI or spring off the face ) because of the rules will make them illegal so add a sliding weight and call me in a year…. The unfortunate reality of the modern world is that consistency and dependability won’t take you nearly as far nearly as fast as loads of a visible tech and a good story. However, accuracy and saadiyat beach. The Venturi restriction causes a rapid increase in fluid flow (air flow) through the channel across the bottom sole that increases speed and also will tend to create lift making it easier to hit a golf ball on the upswing. S a variety of approximately 200 to cover. But I haven’t tried a club since the G10 that I would game. The weights in the 410 are more for fixing a ball flight issue. Tony is the Editor of MyGolfSpy where his job is to bring fresh and innovative content to the site. The ping g410 sft straight flight technology driver is the latest draw bias model from ping. I think it’s brilliant that Ping admits it cannot currently beat the Max or LST, so they’re not just repackaging the same driver in new colors just because… so refreshing to hear from a golf mfgr. It’s always in the center (region) of the head. Their engineering always fascinated me. I wish it was a sliding weight system. Weight positioned on the extreme boundary increases moi to elevate ball speed and forgiveness. Adjustment and sft drivers ping tour 75 shaft options 1. The following are some inferences made by a few golfers after having played thrice with each of the golf clubs. Some of that falls squarely on PING. I’ll bet you meant 25.4mm as that is about 1 inch Always enjoy your reports, just nit picking today. I do think it looks better than any prior to it.. Sounds as if the PING PR Department had a VERY big hand in writing this article. The face sits a couple of degrees closed as well, though PING believes it will look square to the guy who is terrified of going right. The new Ping G410 hybrid features a maraging steel face and an adjustable hosel for the first time - and all three testers would happily put it in their bag for 2019 Ping's first-ever adjustable hybrid allows golfers to customise their ball flight eight different ways through loft (+- 1.5˚) and lie combinations for consistently better results. The new version increases the number of settings from 5 to 8 and allows for 1.5° degrees of loft adjustment in either direction. As is PING’s way, it only added adjustable weighting to its drivers when it could do it without sacrifice. There is no Ping G410 LST model but we suspect their will be at a later date. When they get to the point that sales start to flatten out, maybe they will realize the unfortunate side of this will be that the beginning golfers wanting to learn and play this sport, will not be able to afford a quality set of clubs, let alone the green fees to play. The driving force behind G410 Plus was the realization that 2/3 of custom orders placed through PING WRX – including most orders from the Tour – included custom hot melt in either the heel or toe. G410 plus driver. PING rep said he would get me a new one, but I’m want to see if I can upgrade to the 410 SFT instead and just paid the price difference. The raison d’etre of the PING G410 LST driver is low spin, and it certainly delivers there. Movable weight without compromise. And yes, I agree and I assume it was the weight management that lead to them just having 3 positions. The raison d etre of the ping g410 lst driver is low spin, and it certainly delivers there. HOST. Time? Are there 2 different G410 plus adaptors: One left handed & one right handed, or are they interchangeable? I,very played Ping clubs for 30 years these new clubs sit fantastic and will be a great seller Richard UK. They told me to send in for a Giloo treatment. The don’t say in relation to what. The G410 SFT (Straight Flight Technology) model is engineered with a fixed weight positioned on the clubhead’s extreme perimeter and a 50 percent more heel-side CG location than its predecessor to ensure straighter ball flight. Makes it even more believable that the G410 is better, even if only slightly, than the G400. Nope, I’ve proved that so many time with those “good players” I stopped doing it. DRIVERS PING G410 LST VS PLUS FOR WINDOWS 7. It took PING so long because most movable weight systems demand trade-offs, and PING doesn’t barter on performance. PING G410 LST Technology ... Der Schwerpunkt liegt leicht nach vorn gegenüber den G410 Plus- und SFT-Modellen in allen drei Positionen (Draw, Neutral, Fade), was, je nach Schaft und Launch-Bedingungen des Golfers, zu einer Spinverringerung von etwa 200 bis 400 U/Min. Looking forward to the new offering. I think it has more to do with mediocre golfers who are unsatisfied with their game thinking that each new club is their ticket get their tour card, even though they are doing as good as they’ll ever do with their current clubs. If it’s better I’ll buy it, if not, then I won’t. I expected to see the G410 SFT to be available in a 12 degree option- any thoughts as to why not? A streamlined shape also helps create club speed by reducing drag in the downswing. That leaves the soon to be current PING driver lineup as a mix of G400 (LST and MAX) and G410 (Plus and SFT), with plenty of levers and knobs to get just about any golfer dialed-in. It’s almost as if golfers feel they are entitled to play the newest, bestest of everything, but should not have to pay for it. PING G410 LST Technology Low-Spin Design. Cg g400 max, spargo golf digest, dragonfly technology driver g410 plus. My problem, and yeah I know it’s me, is that I can’t get it under 2800 rpms to save my life for my 112 mph fade at a nearly neutral AoA. A lighter swing weight (D1) further influences direction by helping square the face at impact. Ping g410 driver review - first look ping is launching their g410 driver in 2019 and it's highly anticipated, with new and improved technology from their g400 and g400 max drivers. A new rogue silver 130 60tx seems to help to. 2019 official forum member review-ping g410 driver. Some additional tuning at the hosel and PING can fit that guy better than it could previously. “The 400LST, it turns out, was really good. Ping g410 plus. Because the structures are minimal and the track sits at the absolute perimeter, PING was able to add adjustable weighting while still increasing MOI over the G400. Ping G410 woods are part of the latest range from the manufacturer with three models of the fairways available. The same is true to an even greater extent with PING’s MOI Monster, the G400 MAX. The G410 SFT is available in 10.5°. A technical advance for sure. Below are the results for the Ping G410 LST driver. Anyway if Ping builds it – it’s done right they don’t produce a new model every 6 months. Ping's new g410 sft driver is their most fade correcting driver yet. It’s a small thing, and likely not reason enough to buy a new driver, but if you’re concerned about such things, know that it’s less likely you’ll have to chase the new PING headcover down the fairway. If you cannot afford a new $550 driver then don’t shop for them, go find a trade-in G400 and be happy. However, the distance may not be very significant for some of them. The ping has released a golfer dialed-in. Linksys AE2500, Supported Models of Laptops. Based on what I saw on Rick Shiels video, the change in ball flight from the 3 settings is quite a bit and would be too much when trying to fine tune it. I made a shaft change as well but the lst with the new rogue silver 130 60tx seems to be giving me higher launch and visibly less spin than my 410+ fuji evo iv 661 combo. Beam me up Scotty.Wait to see it in person and will it really fly? “But honey, the head cover is heavier than the one I currently have. Nope. We’ve touched on this a number times before. In recent years, a slice correction while increasing ball speed. We’re not talking about the biggest weight shift on the market, but the key here was that PING was able to add adjustability without losing anything over the G400. Lol. Same goes for the G410 Max. Spargo golf digest may earn a 10. It’s all hype. Have a great day. There is a Venturi formed by a tapered channel that opens to the front of the club head and tapers down to a constricted area before rapidly expanding outwardly toward the rear. A replacement isn’t anywhere on the horizon. I called Ping and they said they had to ship it back. The Sliding track for sure adds more weight. The 1st time I saw an G410 SFT in action was last spring in the hands of a about 15 hcp club golfer that had hit a slice his whole life and now with a properly fitted Ping driver was shooting low penetrating arrows down the left side of the fairways because he had muscle memory to always aim down the left side of the fw as a right handed golfer. 5 degree plus or put in a straight ball flights. Mine was purchased when they came out at a Demo Days. He thinks they are head and shoulders above anything Ping currently offers. I can’t remember the last time I bought a new driver…. With a center of gravity that’s 50% more heel side than the G400 SFT, the G410 SFT is significantly more draw-biased than the G410 Plus in the draw position. A movable high-density tungsten back weight shifts the CG location in each direction from neutral to influence right or left shot direction. The g410 lst shares the movable-weight technology introduced in the g410 plus model, enabling you to position the center of gravity for controlling your ball flight, putting tour-level fitting in your hands. Honestly this is what we all would hope every serious golf company would do. We’re a decade into movable weights, and PING is just now joining the party. SAMSUNG GALAXY GT-I8260L. If a newbie happens to have the coin, then so be it, he doesn’t care what it costs either way. Not for tuning a ball flight. I tested a 10.5 degree lst against my 9 degree plus same shaft in both heads and saw spin numbers that were virtually identical. What I do find a bit odd though, is why they didn’t just have three separate indentations in the placements where the screwholes are rather than having the appearance of a track when it doesn’t function as a track. PING G410 LST VS SFT DRIVER (, DRIVERS XEROX PRINT 7835 FOR WINDOWS 7 X64, LAVA DISCOVER 132 USB DRIVERS FOR WINDOWS MAC, FUJI XEROX DOCUCENTRE C3371 DRIVER FOR WINDOWS 8, DRIVERS LENOVO IDEAPAD Z370 CAMERA FOR WINDOWS 7 DOWNLOAD, DRIVERS NOKIA USB CONNECTIVITY WINDOWS 10, DRIVERS HAMA 2.0 CARD READER 35 IN 1 FOR WINDOWS, DRIVERS PS PRINTER IR3300 WINDOWS 7 DOWNLOAD (2020), DRIVER LG P970 USB DEVICE FOR WINDOWS 8 DOWNLOAD, EMACHINES E181H MONITOR 64BITS DRIVER DOWNLOAD, XEROX PRINT 7835 DRIVER WINDOWS 10 (2020), DRIVERS LAVA DISCOVER 132 USB WINDOWS 8.1 DOWNLOAD, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 8, Windows 8 64 bit, Windows 10, Windows 10 64 bit. Along with the G410 Plus (effectively the standard model), PING has also introduced the G410 SFT. Read our ping g400 sft driver review, ping's max game improvement driver. Ping G410 Driver Review - First Look Ping is launching their G410 Driver in 2019 and it's highly anticipated, with new and improved technology from their G400 and G400 Max Drivers. We have to remember that the G400 Max was released after the original G400 models so has not been on the shelves for two years yet. When the weight is not in the other 2 fixed positions, the empty holes make the driver look unfinished. G410 plus g410. The delayed arrival of this model compared with the G410 Plus and G410 SFT drivers has been well documented but the big question is, was it worth the wait?. The movable bits of any adjustable weight driver require structure. This club is best for high handicap golfers who slice right. Single. I love that the engineers at PING did a leaf blower test with the head cover so that it doesn’t fly away. Ideal for large offices and corporations with printing needs that can reach up to 200,000 pages each month, this high-end printer runs at a speed of 45 papers per minute and features built-in data security. PING Golf President John K. Solheim said, "With the tremendous success of the G410 Plus and SFT drivers introduced earlier this year, we're pleased to add the highly anticipated G410 LST model to the line-up in time for the summer golf season. From a fitting perspective, levers are the things that make the biggest difference; head model, loft, shaft, and the potential for custom heel/toe weighting. Sou Hdc 13.5 e sempre lutei contra o slice. I really love the refined turbulators and those ridges along the crown. Is and that they usually offer multiple driver options to cover. When you hit it the putter would go ping . I tested a 10.5 degree LST against my 9 degree Plus – same shaft in both heads – and saw spin numbers that were virtually identical. As is typical with draw-biased drivers, SFT’s MOI isn’t as high as the G410 Plus (weight centered), but as you’d expect from PING, the quantifiable contribution to forgiveness should prove to be higher than the competitive set. Ping G410 SFT driver. The ping driver is no exception to providing everything you need in such an essential piece of golf gear. Those 3rd party offerings are the Mitsubishi Tensei CK Orange (non-pro), and the Project X Evenflow. Biggest breakthrough in driver tech in a long time! Might ask a PhD friend of mine to try the math; he already thinks I’m crazy. It produced great numbers for me in my initial review but I did struggle with it a bit out on the course as I was missing fairways to the left 90 percent of the time. What good do you think moving it only 1 millimeter would do unless you can repeat the same exact delivery and strike location every. Best driver I have ever had, hands down. Do you think you’d be able to notice 1 degree of weight shift if you close the face 1 degree? Lava Iris Atom 2X price in India starts from Rs. The G400 SFT vs overall drivers: The problem with the Ping G400 SFT vs all the 2018 golf drivers is it’s pigeon holed for people who consistently slice the ball. With the G410, fitters can place the weight in the heel to give that guy the correction he needs while still keeping spin at manageable levels. Have been an avid Ping consumer for past 25 years, but their selection of irons in the past 4 years has change my perception not only in looks, but also performance. Will golfers pay an incremental $200 over the standard G400? For those using the movable-weight technology. I played the LST for over a year and have been trying to get into the Max because it’s as auto-pilot of a driver that has ever existed. I loved the appearance of the G400, but this just looks amazing from the top. Fortunately for me, the G400LST provides the ball flight I want. Can water or moisture get in the driver through those holes? Chalk it up to that no compromise model and a corporate culture that mandates PING not release anything until its engineers can prove its better than what is already has. LST remains the king… long live the king! Long story short, your existing PING-tipped shafts won’t work with the new model. Been having really good results with my G400 Max but I can’t wait to give this a try. Of the PING offerings, the updated Alta CB is noteworthy. Tony believes that golfers deserve to know what's real and what's not, and that means MyGolfSpy's equipment coverage must extend beyond the so-called facts as dictated by the same companies that created them. That is about 0.010” or virtually about the thickness of 3-4 sheets of paper. I mean think about it, the CG only shifts by 2.5 millimeters when it’s in its extreme heel or extreme toe position. There is also a low spin LST version of the G410 fairway, that aims to drop spin and launch the ball higher so it stops quicker on the green. Ping g410 plus driver, ping g410 plus. The new ping g410 lst driver is designed to reduce spin by 200-400 rpm as compared to. Ping states that the lst is 200-400 rpm lower spinning than the plus and sft, depending on the player and the shaft. The new drivers will have two options (1) Ping G410 Plus and (2) Ping G410 SFT. The sft is a draw bias driver to help golfers fight a slice. If you need a new driver… well, the good ones are north of $500 nowadays, that’s just reality. I appreciate companies putting $ into R&D and tech that is actually tangible like a headcover that won’t blow away. A streamlined shape also helps create club speed by reducing drag in the downswing. The only thing one needs to do is call prior to shipping to get a repair number to write on the outside of your box. IMO, PXG’s inflated prices, has opened up the doors for the other competitors to raise the price of clubs to the point that they are forcing out the middle income golfers. In the SFT version of the fairway, this weight is more towards the heel, and combined with a larger 188cc head and 1.5° weaker lofts, the SFT should create enough draw bias to keep you straight. End of story for me….. If not, I don’t think MOI would would be as good or better than G400 as they are claiming. 4 ping g410 plus i've never gamed a ping driver before, but would love to test one against my fitted titleist ts2. The G410 woods is the standard fairway in the range, and it is accompanied by the G410 LST woods and G410 SFT woods to provide a huge amount of variety. SFT (straight flight technology) will continue to do what it has always done – serve the guy who fights a slice. For the established golfer, most understand the costs associated with new gear and make their equipment decisions based on performance gains and what that gain is worth to them. Distance (G400 Max Vs G410 Plus) The Ping G410 Plus driver offers more distance than the Ping G400 Max for most players. Dragonfly technology to tech story on shaft? Custom CG Locations The G410 SFT (Straight Flight Technology) model is engineered with a fixed ultra-high-density tungsten weight positioned on the clubhead’s extreme perimeter and 50% more heel-side CG than its … Or maybe a single weight, but NOT weight balanced around the screw hold. In the past, I have called Ping customer service and Ping has a new club to you in 2 days which is generally the newest model. Especially since the “venturi” is “backwards” to what a classic venturi would look like. How you break a shaft is difficult to do – I’ve never broken 1 in 40 plus years. !” Customers appreciate that approach beyond words. Hmmmm, not much comment on how the 410 Plus compares to the 400/Max in MOI. Most of all Tony believes in performance over hype and #PowerToThePlayer. The body is built from Ti 8-1-1 with a Ti 9S+ face. The club has a straight and long design that helps it to render a high total moment of inertia. That commitment, however, brings with it its own trade-off. At least give us a clue. The PINGG410 LST fairway wood is a beast. Highest ballspeeds out of all 2019 models tested, best trajectory with optimal spin. Holy moly this is amazing for us with flatter planes! Linksys AE2500 / A Device Attached To The System Is Not Functioning Aug 7, 2011. A 54 lie angle 5 wood? My primary question when testing a low spin driver is… Ping rep explains to me that all returns need to be shipped back to them by a Ping dealer. Last summer I bought a brand new G400 Max driver from It’s the reason why PING seldom, if ever, takes a step backward, or even sideways with new products. The PING G410 looks great. I have a 3 month old PING 400 SFT with a cracked hosel. I called’s customer service and the told me that I needed to ship it back to Ping. The idea of movable-weight is new a totally new concept. So despite offering what is often outstanding performance, there is a perception held by some that PING lags behind in the bells and whistles department. With the combination of adjustable weighting and the updated adapter, PING has added more of what it calls levers and knobs to its fitting arsenal. Presuming Ping has different weights available to use for swingweight purposes, they could also be used to move the CG by less. Their drivers are spot on, but irons do not match up to past productions. We’re 1-year since its release, and I think it’s fair to say you should expect an extended release cycle. PING has reduced SFT’s stock swing weight a bit (now D1) which should help golfers return the head to the square position at impact. Thanks for the laugh. John, I’m not surprised to see you write that about Ping irons. Ping G410 LST Driver Review. If you put time and engineering into a product that is outstanding (Max and LST), don’t release something because you think you have to. Four high-performance shaft is also equipped with patented eight. Does micro-adjustment really matter at all? Love the forgiveness. It would be interesting to see the MOI numbers, given in some Instagram posts they (ping) talk of improving it. The g410 sft, ping driver to encourage straighter ball speed. Low Spin Option (LST) The LST model is pear-shaped and measures 445cc to deliver spin reductions of approximately 200 rpm compared to the G410 LST and 500 to 700 rpm versus G425 MAX. I just wish that PING hadn’t followed the crowd with an increased price. You can find the full list of drivers and test results here. I’ve returned a number of items to Ping both for repair and refinishing and never had a problem. I have played PING drivers and woods for 10+ years now. What is the difference between a ping g400 max and g410 plus driver? The acoustics from the G400 are also part of the offering, as are PING’s signature Turbulators, which have been optimized to work with the new head shapes.

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