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General awareness needed for all exams and interviews. It forms a significant portion of western India and covers an area of about 200,000 km² to . Deserts have been defined and classified in a number of ways, generally combining total precipitation, number of days on which this falls, temperature, and humidity. Most of the aspirants feel difficulty in scoring good marks in it. A comprehensive database of more than 22 dessert quizzes online, test your knowledge with dessert quiz questions. Our online dessert trivia quizzes can be adapted to suit your requirements for taking some of the top dessert quizzes. 3: general knowledge about the geography of Nepal. Now a days, a good knowledge of general awareness is … : The largest desert is Antarctica. Deserts are areas which receive less than 25 cm of rain in an year. So, please go through this frequently asked questions from this topics. Thar Desert or Great Indian Desert is the world’s ninth largest desert. GK Questions With Four Options related to all india and world. General Knowledge - Cold Deserts - The following table illustrates the major Cold Desert of the world − Right Answer: The tallest bridge of Nepal is over the Modi Khola, Parvat (135 m high from water level, joins Kushma with Katuwachaupari) Question No. To solve the General knowledge questions and answers […] Major deserts in the World pdf. Deserts Trivia Questions & Answers : Physical Geography This category is for questions and answers related to Deserts, as asked by users of FunTrivia.com.. : Atacama desert is the driest desert in the world. GK, General Studies, Optional notes for UPSC, IAS, Banking, Civil Services. Sahara; N. Africa (Includes the Libyan and the Nubian Desert) Australian; Australia (Includes Gibson, Simpson, Victorian, Great Sandy) Arabian; Arab Countries (Includes Rub-al-Khali and An-Nafad of S. Arabia and Dast-e-Lut and Dast-e-Kavir of Iran) As we are aware that General Knowledge (GK) is very important area in all the competitive exam held in the country. Where is the tallest bridge of Nepal? There are many deserts in the world. Question No. : The largest hot desert is the Sahara Desert. Sub-tropical deserts- These are the hottest, with parched terrain and rapid evaporation List of Desert of the World pdf > Desert is a large part of the landscape where there is almost no or little rainfall with the extreme weather conditions and usually fewer plants. : Europe is the only continent which does not have any major deserts. The Thar Desert is the largest desert in India also known as the Great Indian desert; forms a natural boundary line between India and Pakistan. Some of … Helpful for GK and General Knowledge with lots of information and General Awarness knowledge on deserts. : About 1/3rd of Earth's land surface is covered by deserts. You will get the Gk Questions and Answers for exam with four options and General Knowledge Competition (Mock test) exam and all other competitive exams like Bank, Railway Exam, Police, SSC CGL and CHSL, UPSC, IAS, SBI PO, Questions … Here are the general knowledge questions and answers related to various competitive exams. General Knowledge (GK) 2020. The world’s deserts are divided into four categories. Top ten largest deserts in the World, a complete list of top ten largest deserts by Area wise. Accuracy: A team of editors takes feedback from our visitors to keep trivia as up to date and as accurate as possible.Complete quiz index can be found here: Deserts Quizzes There are 50 questions on this topic. Similarly, the table below gives the list of 25 largest deserts in the world with its size and type along with its location in the world. General Knowledge questions and answers for competitive exams PDF blog gives you the study material (PDF) to download and the GK PDFs questions and answers 2018, 2017 ebooks. 2: general knowledge about the geography of Nepal.

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